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Here is a zedge mod apk version that will assist you in saving a large number of wallpapers, photos, ringtones, and other files. The nice part about smartphones is that you can customise everything from the wallpapers to the ringtones.

Zedge Mod Apk 2022

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I recall a time when we just had a few preinstalled wallpapers and ringtones, and we were required to utilise them for the entire year. However, as time has passed, everything in our environment has changed as well. Zedge.net, which began as a fun site for saving photos, ringtones, and other amusing content, has grown to become one of the most popular applications.

The nicest part about Zedge Ringtone and Wallpapers Mod APK is that you can modify everything from the backgrounds to the ringtones to meet your own needs.


Features Of The Zedge Mod Apk

Save and Add To Favorites

Easily add a sound or wallpaper to your favourites without having to download it. With one simple login, you can access all of your ringtones backgrounds and across all of the devices. Receive alerts for limited-edition seasonal ringtones and wallpapers for events and holidays like as, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day New Years’ ,
Christmas Halloween, and, as well as interesting modifications for birthdays, graduations anniversaries, , and others more.

Wallpapers in real-time

Consider using amazing video results as the backdrop for your property show. You’ve gotten it! Our live wallpapers don’t use up your own fon battery because they only run once when you turn on your home display settingss.There’s no need to download any additional live wallpapers because they’re already included In the software. A large collection of high-quality live wallpapers to suit all tastes.


You will find a large selection of Live Wallpaper to suit your preferences. Our live wallpapers do not deplete your power and only operate once when your home screen is turned on.

Sounds for Ringtones, Alarms, and Notifications

Zedge has an endless supply of free ringtones, including soft music, effects, and funny tones alarm tones, effects, and funny tones. Apparently the world’s largest selection of free ringtones. Individual contact ringtones, alarm sounds, and the default ringtone can all be customised. A  large selection of notification sounds, alert tones, and humorous tones is available, as well as the option to choose an alert sound and alarm tone.

Zedge Mod-Apk 2022 download


Create your own personalised background by glueing stickers to wallpaper. Set as a background or share on social media and messaging apps. Make a fantastic meme out of wallpaper! Create your own personalised backdrop wallpapers by adding stickers to the wallpaper. With the Zedge App, you can turn a wallpaper into a meme!

Full HD 4k Online Wallpapers

Full HD and 4K wallpapers are supported for usage as background wallpapers. Also, add cool effects and stickers to your background.

Some More Features

• Unlimited Everything Unlocked All Premium Features
• Countless wallpapers and ringtones
• Obtain All for Free
• Credits are limitless.
• There are no advertisements.

Zedge Mod-Apk 2022 download



We are always improving our software for you, so make sure you are using the most recent version.

How To Use The Application

Which was once just a fun site for saving pictures, ringtones, and other amusing things, has become one of the most popular programmes. So, here is a zedge mod apk version that will assist you in saving a large number of wallpapers, photos, ringtones, and other files.

Zedge mod apk is created to meet all of the users’ needs, especially when they don’t have access to fundamental things like wallpapers, ringtones, and other media in one spot. You can adjust the functioning of your smartphone in such a way that it looks brighter and better than any of your friends’ phones.

Frequently Asked Question About Zedge Mod Apk

Is the Zedge app safe to use?

The Zedge app was recognised as potentially dangerous by Play Protect last year. To uncover the problem, the developers had to withdraw the app from the Play Store. The programmed has no bugs or malware, according to the makers. It’s possible that the Play Protect is due to problems with the app’s security filters.

Is it true that Zedge Ringtones are completely free?

Downloading and using the Zedge app is completely free for the device powered by Android. However, you may buy credits to go towards the purchase of Premium content from professional authors in our Premium Marketplace. You can also pay a monthly fee to enjoy Zedge without having to deal with advertisements in our free content sections.

What is the total number of downloads that Zedge has?

As of August 31, 2020, the Zedge app had been downloaded over 436 million times and had 30 million monthly active users. Zedge was selected as one of the Best 50 Android Apps of 2013 by Time magazine. It has consistently ranked in the United State and is one of the top sixty in ranking.

Why is Zedge not available in India?

Due to a DOT and Indian High Court ruling, ZEDGE is currently restricted by certain Internet Service Providers and Mobile Operators in India. As a result, many Indian users will be unable to access our app and our websites.

Why is it necessary for zedge to have access to my photos?

Your phone’s operating system demands that you grant ZEDGE accessIn order for us to save a wallpaper to your phone, the operating system on your phone demands that you grant ZEDGE access to your Photos. Your images are not read or used by us. Millions of people trust ZEDGE, and we’d like to maintain it that way.

What is zedge’s revenue model?
Zedge Premium is intended to provide artists with a powerful new option to advertise themselves and their work to Zedge’s user base while also earning money. Zedge Credits can be purchased in packs or earned simply using the app.

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ZEDGE, like many other spyware removal tools, includes a scanner and an anti-spyware programme. The application removes Trojan Horse viruses, adware, spyware, and other “scam” viruses that are common on the internet quite well. This programme also removes any wallpaper that has been modified by the malware developers, which s a good feature that sets it apart from other spyware removal solutions.

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