GB WhatsApp Tips and Tricks & Hacks -You Should Try!! (2022)

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Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is a simple messaging program to use, but there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface just letting you message your pals and send GIFs.

There are numerous entertaining Whatsapp Tips and Tricks to learn, ranging from hidden WhatsApp chatting capabilities to simple methods to customize your experience so that it looks and functions better for you. All of the following GB WhatsApp Tricks are terrific ways to get even more out of WhatsApp, and they’re all completely free.

You can get the official version of WhatsApp Messenger from Google PlayStore.

GB Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Numerous entertaining Whatsapp Tips and Tricks are given below:

Send Your Location to a Friend

You may quickly share your position with someone at the touch of a button if you’re meeting up with a friend or want to make sure they know where you are.

 Simply tap the Plus sign or paperclip next to the message box, then select Location, then Share Live Location. 

WhatsApp will then broadcast your location to the other person, letting them know where you are. It’s a great safety tool to have if you’re going somewhere unexpected or if you’re on a first date with a stranger and want to let a buddy know where you’re going.

Figure Out Who You Talk to the Most!

Have you ever wondered who you talk to the most on WhatsApp on a daily basis? It’s simple to figure out using this free WhatsApp trick.

 To check how you communicate with a contact, click to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage and choose a contact. 

The list is sorted by the person to whom you transmit the most data, so if you have a friend to whom you send a lot of GIFs but not much else, they may outnumber a friend to whom you send text-based communications.

In any case, it’s useful information on who draws your attention the most. Messages, photographs, GIFs,
videos, voice messages, and documents are excluded from the statistics.

Send your Image in One View

Now it’s not a big deal to send your image to anyone else. If a person is compelling you to share your picture or video, and you are not willing to send it. Then don’t worry send your picture by setting one view. It is one of the best features of WhatsApp. Now share pictures of any event or wedding by setting the privacy of one view.

Hide blue tick

Hey, listen! You don’t want to show other people to see whether you have watched their message or not? I am going to tell you a trick to hide blue ticks.

 On Android: go to settings>Account>Privacy>read receipt- turn it off. You have done! 

Block Disturbing Contacts

Is somebody teasing you continuously? He or she is out of your control? Do you want to get rid of that person? Don’t worry sweetheart! Simply bLock that person!! But How??? Relax I’m gonna tell you.

• Open specific chat
• Hit on three dots on the top right corner
• Go to more options
• Select block
• You have done

Now, that person is unable to contact you, message you, or even call you on WhatsApp.

Media visibility settings

Don’t you want to show you are newly downloaded images and videos in the gallery?? Do you want to save your data only on WhatsApp?? I am going to tell you about such a trick with which your newly download videos, images will not be shown in your phone’s gallery.

• Go to settings
• Then chats
• Then choose media visibility
• Of it and you have done

Now, none of your data will be shown in the gallery or file manager including documents. If you want anything in the gallery simply on it again.

Display Settings

You can make your WhatsApp display according to your own choice. It’s up to you that you want to choose a dark theme or light theme for your WhatsApp hack.

• Open settings
• Go to chats
• Here you find the option of display
• You can choose a dark or light theme
• Even you can select a wallpaper of your own interest

Pin a Chat to the Top

Is there someone you want to reach out to the most? Is it a loved one or a close friend? You can pin thei
r conversation to the top of your chat window, so you don’t have to sift through your other conversation
s to find it.

Swipe left to right on iOS then taps Pin Chat. Long press the chat display on Android, then tap the pin at the top of the screen.

Change the Background of Your WhatsApp Chats

You are not obligated to use the default background for your chats. You can choose a favorite photo or a humorous wallpaper as your WhatsApp backdrop. The best part is that you have a choice.

The Most Useful Hint: While chatting

On WhatsApp, it’s easy to get carried away, and messages pile up quickly. You can go back and browse through your chats if you realized you wanted to save something for later a little too late. To look something up, simply hit the search icon or put something into the search bar. It will search through all of your WhatsApp conversations and present you with the results immediately. To get to the message you need, simply tap it.

Change App Language

It Doesn’t matter in which country do you live. You can change your app language. You can use any of the languages according to your comprehension. How can you change language in GB WhatsApp or any other hach WhatsApp? Look:

• Go to settings
• Go to Chats
• Scroll down you will find the options change App language
• Select language you have done

Emphasize Your Words

You’re not limited to using the basic WhatsApp font while sending messages. You can also use bold, italic, or strikethrough to emphasize certain points. Simply type an asterisk on either side of the word you wish to bold to make it bold. Add an underscore on either side of the word for italics, and a tilde on either side for a strikethrough.

Link WhatsApp with up to 4 device

Now link your device with up to 4 devices follow these steps;

• Hit on three dots on the top right corner
• Hit on linked Devices
• Now click on the link a device
• You can easily connect your WhatsApp with up to 4 devices

Final Words
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