Traffic Rider Cheats

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Traffic Rider Cheats

Are you guys fascinated by the Traffic Rider and want to get gift codes to enjoy different features of the game, congratulations! You are in a right place. We are going to provide you with the up-to-date and latest Traffic Rider Cheats for android and ios as well that will add to your fun. You may use these cheat codes to enjoy wonderful in-game features. These codes might improve your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. Here you will also find a complete guide to redeem these codes as well. You are just a few clicks away from codes.

List Of All Active Traffic Rider Cheats

• opeej41mc8eTC6e_Ae Get Unlimited Coins
• RGp4BZYHmZXiP27_jH Get Unlimited Keys
• rgXfDctWO4rYInU_g2 Get Unlimited Gold

Traffic Rider Cheats

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Traffic Rider Cheats For IOS

The following is the traffic rider cheat list for IOS:

• Unlimited Cash VIDg0kzskHJHe7S 12
• Unlimited KeysRGp4BZYHmZXiP27
• Starter Kit agOmOXCs3ATWoE9 RA \

Traffic Rider Tips and Tricks

Earn More Gold

You have two options after you run out of time: go to the button that appears like a wrapped gift and get free gold, or simply go to the button. It has the appearance of a wrapped present and earns free gold. Viewing free videos, loving the game on Facebook, following the game on Twitter, and subscribing to the game on YouTube are all options. For each of them, you’ll receive two free gold. If you run out of videos, return to the menu for 5-10 minutes to finish or restart the game to reload them.


Focus on improving your Speed and Handling at the start of the game. Speed will increase your acceleration and help you collect more free coins, while Handling will improve the sensitivity of your car’s turns. After you’ve improved your speed and handling, upgrade your brakes so you can stop your automobile

Slow Down Quickly

Instead of braking, touch a guard rail when you need to slow down quickly.

Enjoy Trial Mod

Playing Trial mode, which lasts 60 seconds and has the goal of avoiding traffic until the timer runs out, is an easy method to gain cash.

Near-Miss Techniques

By chaining combos with near-miss stunts, you can increase your score from 100 to To700 points.

Exciting Two-Way Mode

You can earn additional coins by playing in Two-Way mode, which allows you to earn coins by driving in wrong direction in traffic. The longer time you spend driving in the wrong direction, the more coins you will earn. If you need to grind coins, Two-Way mode is a viable option.

Watch Videos To Get Coins

When you watch a promotional video on the InApp Purchase screen, you can win 500 coins.

Get More Coins

The quantity of coins you win is determined by how long you stay at 100 km/h and how many close calls you have when passing at speeds higher than that.

Overview Of Traffic Rider APK

Enjoy the best bike rider game is Traffic Rider, which is accessible for free on both iOS and Android smartphones. You must finish more than 70 missions in this game. Free ride, career, endless, and time trial are the four modes available. Make sure to play in endless mode to get the coins. When you start undertaking the traffic rider quest, you’ll find that you’re having a lot of fun with this game.

It includes 29 bikes with various attributes. Some of the motorcycles are speedy and can help you gain more coins in the game, while others are slow. You’ll need to earn coins in the game to unlock all of these bikes. Ride your bike in the opposite lane to collect extra coins in the game. This game has received millions of reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store due to its high-quality graphics.

Furthermore, the creator of this included over 19 languages. So, if you don’t speak English, don’t worry; you can easily change your language in the options. You will be surrounded by a detailed atmosphere, which will enhance your gaming experience.

Tilt, handlebar, gamepads, and buttons are the four main methods of control available in the game. You can choose your favorite from the options and then begin playing the game.

How To Get More Traffic Rider Gift Codes?

Traffic Rider apk mod hack makes their gift coupons available on their social media pages, including Reddit, Facebook Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. The codes are usually released on important occasions such as game anniversaries, game rebirths, game followers, and other unique occasions. Get your free prizes by visiting every day for new codes. You can get the official version of Traffic Rider from Google Play.

Final Words
By using the above mentioned cheat codes, you may enhance gaming experience with a variety of fascinating features. If you appreciate this list of redemption codes, please do share it with your friends so they can benefit from it as well. Share your experience with us in the comments section. You can get more gift Codes, modded apps, and games from GeoModApk.Com.
Note: Traffic Rider cheats are only valid for a limited time; they will expire after a few days, so redeem these codes as soon as possible to get the benefits and continue playing the game. We keep updating recent codes so keep visiting our site. To avoid gift code errors, make sure you enter the redemption code exactly as it appears in the game, including letter case (e.g. capital & small letters) and characters as shown in the list above.

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