Super Mario Run Cheat Codes

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Super Mario Run Cheat Codes

Approved Super Mario Run Cheat Codes and hacks 2022 are available for download without a survey. How to get a free Super Mario Run to cheat engine 2022 by using a working free Super Mario Run mod generator. This Super Mario Run generator is unrestricted and works in any environment. each and every day Visitors can obtain free Super Mario Run cheats by following a few simple procedures. You can quickly see if you have a free Super Mario Run cheat that has been approved and tested.

Latest Super Mario Run Cheat Codes

• cMQPmN hack offline code
• TOfAEs (toads)
• 2dMsmq — bubble
• u4OwJ
• tickets for the rally — o47yvw
• AneNOh — gold
• mPXUDx — pink coins

Cheat codes For Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge #1

Toad Rally: Collect 20 each of Red, , Blue, , and , Green, Purple, Yellow Toads in

#2 Rainbow Bridge

In the toad rally you have to collect 80 Red, Purple, and Yeow, Green Blue Toads.

#3 Rainbow Bridge

In the game you can easily, collect 150 Red, Green, Blue, Purple, and Yellow Toads.

#4 Rainbow Bridge

Enjoy and collect upto 250 Red, , , and Yellow, Purple, Blue Green, Toads.

#5 Rainbow Bridge

You can collect in totally collect up to 400 Red, Yellow , Blue, , and Purple Green Toads

House of Characters Unlock

When you complete the corresponding job, the house of the following characters will be unlocked. When you build the character’s residence in Kingdom Builder, the character becomes playable in ALL modes.


In Toad Rally, collect 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads.


Toad Rally requires from it’s layers you to collect 200 Red Toads, 200 Yellow Toads 200 Purple Toads,
And besides this collect200 Blue Toads, 200 Green Toads, and so on


Bowser is defeated in World 6-4.


Create a new Nintendo Network ID or link an existing one to the game


Collect more 30 Red and 30 Yellow Toads in the game toad rally.

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