Revived Witch Codes -(Elixir, Cryolite And Potions) April 2022

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Revived Witch Codes

Revived Witch Codes: Revived Witch is a 3D lighting and 2D dynamic pixel art adventure RPG game. You take on the role of a young witch who joins a mysterious tower and sets off to fulfill her destiny throughout numerous worlds.

All gamers who enjoy adventure RPG games can take advantage of current Revived Witch bonuses, which will allow you to claim free rewards such as stamina potions, in-game gold, elixir, cute frames, cryolite, Avatar Frame, pulls, soul, jewels, and different in-game things.

On this page, we’ve compiled a list of all active Resurrected Revived Witch Codes for April 2022 that players can use right away by following the redemption instructions in the how-to part underneath revived witch codes list.

What Are Revived Witch Cheats?

Developer Yostar Limited has provided you with free Revived Witch codes. When the game reaches a new milestone, the crew tends to create new codes, So, keep visiting this site to remain up to date to get the latest Revived Witch freebies.

Revived Witch codes (April)

Codes:                                                              Get Rewards

THEBEGINNING                                               Redeem to get a Free 1x Full Stamina Potion, Kitty Cat Avatar
Frame, & 3x Soul Cryolite
Springfestival                                                   Redeem this code to get free items

Adventurebegins                                              Redeem to get free two soul cryolite, and three stamina elixirs.

Revived Witch Codes 2022

  •  571b00c8
  •  47b240c8
  •  5d37c0cc
  •  409200c8
  •  4f5840ca
  •  5a7180c8
  •  5855c0ca
  •  59c260ca
  •  59c0c0cc
  •  51a580c8
  •  5a0d40c8
  •  4b1020ca
  •  5af200ca
  •  535600c8
  •  426060c8
  • 44205a0c8
  •  567a00ca

Fantastic features of Game

  • Attractive Lighting Effect
  •  High-Resolution Pixel Art
  •  Team Building
  •  Vibrant characters
  • Enjy Real-time battles
  •  Explore Different Worlds
  •  Beautiful BGM.

Tips And Tricks

Download the app and go on your first voyage around wide expanses of the Revived Witch universe. Today, I’ll provide you with amazing Revived Witch tips and tricks you need to get started, as well as other crucial things to consider in order to construct a stronger squad. Beginners can get help using these tricks.

Get Better Controls with Bluestalks & access to the best characters

Revived Witch looks really stunning on its own. The combination of 2D pixel art and 3D lighting, as well as a wealth of combat effects and animations, make this game a visual feast. This isn’t to say that you can’t make it better by playing it on a better platform.

Extract with Everything

This should go without saying, but whenever you’re exploring Revived Witch, you should interact with anything you come across. Whether it’s a switch or a chest, there’s a chance you’ll find something valuable, whether it’s for solving a puzzle in-room or for later upgrading your team. Interactable things are always visible on your minimap, which brings us to our next point.

Have Fun With Minimap

As previously said, you’ll come across a number of things during your journey, including switches, chests, and other interactable objects. These elements may not be immediately visible, but they will always appear on your minimap. Furthermore, your map depicts features that may be concealed or unseen. In this regard, it’s a smart habit to keep an eye on it anytime you enter a new region, simply to make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s also worth noting that the amount of chests in the region, as well as how many you’ve opened, is displayed on your minimap.

Save Chaos Energy For Emergencies

While it may appear that wailing on your enemies until they fall is a decent strategy, for the most part, some enemies may necessitate a different method of killing them. When dealing with tougher monsters, you may need to stop their talents frequently to prevent suffering too much damage, such as by using Octavia’s “Mind’s Eye” skill.

Keep Your and Element’s Character Types in Mind

When putting together a formation, Despite the importance of the setting, exploration, and puzzle-solving in Revived Witch, combat remains one of the game’s most difficult difficulties, especially when dealing with stronger opponents. Regardless of the opponent, you should always optimize your formation so that you’re ready to throw down with anyone.

How To Get More Revived Witch Codes?

More Revived Witch Codes can be found on official pages of game social media accounts, including Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the game’s official Discord server. The gift vouchers are usually released on exceptional occasions such as the game’s milestones, collaborations, popular occasions, and special events by the game’s developers.

Once all of the new redemption codes are available, we keep updating the gift code list. You can save this page to your favorites and return to it frequently to look for Revived Witch Cheat codes.

How to redeem Revived Witch Codes 2022?

1. Launch this game “Revived Witch” on your device.
2. Use your original account to log in.
3. Go to the top left of the game screen and click on the Avatar icon.
4. Select a different configuration option.
5. The redemption page will appear on your screen after you click redeem code button.
6. Copy and paste the working code into the text area.
7. Redeem these codes by pressing confirm button, and taking advantage of credit benefits.

Final Words
By using the above-mentioned gift coupons, you may enhance your gaming experience by providing your camp with a variety of fascinating features. ApkModHut is the best-moded app and game-based website. For more modded apps and games visit our website. Thanks! Keep in touch with us to enjoy free stuff. Thanks!

You can get the official version OF Revived Witch from Google PlayStore.

Note: Revived witch codes are only valid for a limited time; they will expire after a few days, so redeem these codes as soon as possible to get the benefits and continue playing the game. We keep updating recent codes so keep visiting our site. To avoid gift code errors, make sure you enter the redemption code exactly as it appears in the game, including letter case (e.g. capital & small letters). and characters as shown in the list above.

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