Pirate King Cheat Codes

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Pirate King Cheat Codes

Are you guys fascinated by pirate king APK and want to get pirate king cheat codes to enjoy different features of the game, congratulations! You are in a right place. This is an amazing strategy game. We are going to provide you latest cheat codes that will add to your fun. Here you will also find a complete guide to redeem these codes as well. You are just a few clicks away from codes.

Pirate King Cheat Codes  

Here Is the list of all pirate king cheat codes. Use these codes as soon as possible to enjoy the best gaming    experience. These codes stop working after a certain time limit. After that, redeeming the codes is useless. While redeeming take care of capitalization, and small case letters. If you made any mistake while redeeming the code will not work. To redeem each code correctly .idle heroes account is free for its players. These are pirate king active codes:

• NX10-2939
• 3P06-4959
• YB39-3452
• JW10-9243
• Y145-5595
• JQ18-6902
• E405-2129
• NA65-0734
• J833-0575
• C573-7405
• KP44-3007
• CK00-2731
• 4O35-0447
• 6853-2648
• D884-9917
• D884-9917
• T925-1713
• WE24-1575
• Q196-8760
• VW74-4445
• PX53-2632
• Q510-9539
• 7980-1698
• OJ79-5790
• AP59-3131
• KE15-7722
• Q237-5645
• ZS86-6991
• 7J79-4777
• WD36-2414
• 5K16-9820
• 1754-6315
• Y821-4769
• YE38-2310
• IR35-6797
• VD88-8479
• B995-9595
• P555-7969
• KM65-1673
• 8C70-4460
• FK63-6121

How To Redeem Pirate King Codes

• Step1: Open pirate King online on your device.
• Step 2: Select the profile/avatar from the menu.
• Step 3: Press and hold the setting button.
• Step 4: Select the gift codes from the drop-down menu.
• Step 5: copy and paste the gift code into this box.
• Step 6: Finally, click the confirm button to receive your free gaming gifts.
• Enjoy the game feature for free

Pirate King Cheat Codes

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Tips And Tricks For Pirate Kings

Unlock All Island

In Pirate Kings, you can move swiftly, and it’s vital to unlock and conquer islands as soon as possible if you want to be crowned pirate king. There are a few unusual islands that are difficult to reach. As a result, you’ll have to do a lot of collecting and exploration. Distinct items have different abilities and consequences.
Watch In-Game Ads

I know you despise it, but you also recognize that it’s a good way to increase your benefits, such as spins and gold coins. So it’s great that you can get them just by watching video advertising. Because you can only see a few commercials every day, keep an eye on the ads in the strategy section of the game.
You don’t want to close the game after seeing the adverts. In addition, the game offers incentives for completing certain levels or missions. There should be a list of deals on the bottle icon that can help you earn a few hundred spins.

Participate in Pirate Quests

You can earn extra rewards by completing specific in-game quests in the Pirate Quests menu. You will receive rewards as you move through the game without having to do anything extra. However, you can use the list to focus on a specific assignment and play accordingly to complete it faster. Check to see if you’ve finished everything on the list.

Invite Facebook Friends to Earn Gifts

When you link the game to Facebook, you can play with your friends, attack them, and send gifts to them. To connect, give them your code. There are a few quests that you can perform with your pirate companions as well. There’s even a prize for completing the task.

Make your islands more attractive!

When you first start the game, it will be easy to collect gold to upgrade your island. Rather than hoarding them, use them to quickly improve your island. After you’ve completed the upgrades, head to a new island. Take advantage of our Free Pirate Kings Spins to help you develop more quickly. Use shields to defend your island from enemy attacks, but spend the money to avoid being plundered with big sums of money.

Choose Your Targets Carefully

You’ll have a lot of targets to select from when the fortunate wheel gives you the opportunity to assault. Choose the islands that are on fire to boost your chances of getting a lot of riches. You can get up to 300.000 awards if they don’t have a shield. You can also opt to avenge yourself! It can be enjoyable at times.

You might be able to attack a higher-level player with a little luck. Even though they are a higher level than you, they only have three shields, therefore if you assault them when their shields are deactivated, you have a good chance of getting a lot of money.

Invest And Improve Destroyed Islands

After all, this is a long-term investment. When you move to a new island, the previous one continues to produce gold for you on a daily basis, which you can claim at any time. To increase the amount of gold taken from these historic islands, hire laborers.

To hire crews, tap on your pirate and then swipe right on the main screen, or go to your previous Island, tap on it, and then press the Plus button. If crews are hired, the amount of gold produced will increase. This investment, however, will pay off in the long run. You’ll be alright if you maintain investing in your old Islands.

Make new Friends And Play With Them

After you’ve completed the tutorial and all 50 spins, connect the game to your Facebook account to receive free spins. Because each invite comes with 10 free spins, this is one of the finest ways to obtain free gems. Another way to gain extra spins in this game is to complete sponsor offers.

To earn free spins, go to the menu, then to the bottom of the menu, then to free spins, then to any of the applications or games. Another way to get free spins is to “watch the video commercial.” This option is available from the menu (it is limited).

Spin Daily And Use For Fun

You won’t be able to earn any more spins once you’ve acquired 50 and saved them. As a result, before abandoning the game, it’s essential to take advantage of the spins. When you leave the game, you get 5 spins every hour, so don’t squander them.

The same is true with shields. Because you can’t have more than three shields at a time, you’ll lose it. The gold share works in the same way. If you have enough gold and don’t know what to purchase with it, you’ll be giving it to your attackers for free.

Final Verdict

That was all about pirate king Cheat codes. To enjoy the best gaming experience. You can get more modded apps & games from GeoModApk. Our website is daily updated with new cheats and hacks. Keep in touch with our website to have information about the latest APK mod and the latest redeem codes to enjoy the best gaming experience. You can get the official version of Pirate Kings™️  GOOGLE PLAY.

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