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Mortal Combat Mod Apk is an awesome action game was with a 3v3 battle. Make your elite team, set tournament, and win to prove you are the best player. Best action game with up to 130M+ superb characters. Pattern your character on your own choice. Enjoy conditioned and visceral fight with mortal Combat Mod Apk.

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Features of Mortal Combat Mod Apk

• Tough 3v3 battle
• Ponderous template of fighters
• Challenge other players
• Collect infinite coins
• Ponderous template settings
• Fatalities and jaw-dropping-rays
• Invite allies in fight
• Unlock rewards in Mobile game
• Awesome graphics
• Control with fingertips

Tough 3v3 Battles

Enjoy 3v3 battles with mortal Kombat mobile mod. In this game you can choose 3 powerful players of your own choice to play with you this is a band of three players who fought against the opposite flayers.

Ponderous Templates Of Fighters

Collect, doyen of mortal Kombat such as sub-zero, Sonya, Kitana, ceramic, Johnny cage and
scorpion, and many others. In the latest version of the game mortal Kombat enjoys the fiery cassie cage, D Borah mysterious Kung Jin, and the bloodthirsty total Khan.

Fatalities and Jaw-Dropping X-rays

Mortal Kombat x-ray dropping includes superb hits. This x-Ray hits damage you deeply. Makes your energy low. Beware of these rays. Also, include registered fatalities.

Collect Infinite Coins

After successful playing, you can win several gold coins. You can win and spend these gold coins in buying different characters or these characters can be unlocked.

Challenge Other Players

Their game is challenging Battlefield. Now, enjoy different challenges given by your enemies and tackle them with courage. You can also dispute them in 1 vs 1 Battle and 3 vs 3 battles.


Mortal Kombat X Mod latest version

Invite Allies In Battle

Search for the powerful players and involve those in your team of warriors. invite them to accompany you on the battlefield and be your ally.

Unlock Different Rewards

In mobile games, you are rewarded with different awards and you can unlock these rewards very easily. Actually, you are rewarded with these mobile games after events or after the successful completion of some missions.

Awesome Graphics

this can include awesome graphics. The themes are usually of night. There is darkness everywhere. Broken things are lying everywhere. These broken things make the game interesting. These attractive graphics make the scene beautiful and fill your eyes with consistency and thrill.

Control On Fingertips

The game is easy to play and understand. The Control system of the game is so easy and superb. Everyone can understand it in a good manner and kill its enemy. You can make stylish jumps while fighting.

Offline Game

There is no need to have a good internet connection. You can play it offline. Choose a player and enjoy it after the completion of installation on your device. Sometimes a connection is needed to play it. If you have its modes version then the connection is not needed. Design your character cards
Have unlimited coins, unlimited rewards, and have many cards of your favorite character. There is unlimited cards you can choose a card of the player which is the most powerful one.

Unlimited Character

The game contains many characters. The total number of character are up to 130M+. These are all Mk11 characters in the updated version. All of them are super warriors.

Gameplay Mechanism

The gameplay of the game is so simple and attractive. So easy to control. First of all, you have to download the game on your device. After installation, select your character but powers and energy for it. The character has its own life energy. Which reduces by different hits from your enemy. Beware of these hits if you want to live longer and you want to defeat your enemy.

With time, you will come to know how each player attacks. Slowly, you will become efficient you can kill many of your enemies. This game requires continuous attention. You have to stop your eyes on your mobile screen otherwise a minor mistake can be very payable for you. Your character die and the game gets over.


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In the beginning, the players got confused when their enemy use any skill. They often use to press all the possible keys which is a very funny thing. They can overcome this confusion over Time. Continuous and playing with attention makes you good players.

Not only this, but now you can also participate in a 3v3 bat battle. Make your team of three powerful characters and give tough time to your against 3 enemies. These three characters will fight collectively to save your character from death.

What’s New

As we know this is an updated version and the developers have introduced many new things in its modified version. Updated version with:

➢ Better defense
➢ Increase damage control
➢ Faction games
➢ Mk11 characters
➢ Personalize characters
➢ Epic boss fight

A surprisingly well-developed version must be downloaded if you love action fight games.

How to install Mortal Kombat Mod Apk

It is very easy to install the mortal Kombat mobile mod on your mobile application. Here are some useful instructions. Follow them to have this superb application on your mobile.

➢ Open your mobile and turn the data on.
➢ Go to settings then tap the security option.
➢ Turn on *unknown source*
➢ Locate preferable storage in your device or free up some space
➢ Download it from the link on this page
➢ After completion, enjoy the game!

There is also another way to install the application. You can also download it from the Google play store

➢ Open Google play store
➢ Type mortal Kombat mod
➢ The Moded version will come on the Tap on the install button
➢ Wait for a few minutes
➢ Done!!! Open it and enjoy the battle game.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions about this game that I am going to share with you. Hope these questions and answers will help you to lower your queries and you will enjoy playing.

1. How do you do special moves in mortal combat?
Ans. To perform special moves in mortal combat, while blocking press (L2/LT). It will consume 2 bars of stamina and 2bars of super meter. You can also enforce a high damaging x-ray move. This move can be done by clicking you should have g flip stance+ block(L2+R2/LT+RT). Kill your enemy with great power.

2. What happens when you beat Shao Kahn?
Ans. The Shao Kathe tower almost consists of 100 battles. If you complete this tower level successfully you are rewarded with talent points, reward currencies, and occasionally Shao Kahn fragments. If you want to collect fragments then this tower is the best way to collect Shao Kahn fragments for Relic hunt events.

3. How do you unlock Shao Kahn?
Ans. If you want to unlock Shao Kahn most easily then pre-order addition mortal combat you should have access to collectors combat. What you should have access to this by code or alternative way.

4. How do you beat Kahn in the battle mod?
Ans. If you want to beat Shao Kahn in the battle mod then you have to collect enough energy and stamina to fight with him it is so powerful.

5. How many fragments do you need to unlock Shao Kahn?
Ans. To unlock Shao Kahn for the first time you need fragments. The best way to get fragments is to tower. Almost 27 fragments are needed.

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Final Words
Hope you loved the discussion about the mortal Kombat mobile mod and now you are very excited to download it. Install the superb application and enjoy it. If you face any problem in playing then you are free to ask questions here. Comment below the comment section. I would love to solve your problems with the game. If you want its updated version or any other game then you can comment. We will provide you with the best one.

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