Hustle Castle Cheats (Free Diamonds Fast & Easy) 2022 [Updated]

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Hustle Castle Cheats

Are looking for hustle Castle Cheats? Congrats you are exactly in the right place. A new Hustle Castle hack for free diamonds has been released, and the greatest part is that it works on both iOS and Android devices! Not only that, but using this Hustle Castle cheat is completely risk-free. You will have the opportunity to become the ruler and master of a medieval castle if you play Hustle Castle.

Isn’t that amazing? You can also accept new residents, construct fortifications, and extend your empire. After that, you’ll have the opportunity to compete against other players from across the world. With so many thrilling difficulties ahead, use our wonderful.

Cheat Codes for Hustle Castle cheat

Cheat ingredient                                                                                           Codes                   Hack tool
Skills                                                                                                                    #4jLYsCOpj              John the Ripper
Coupon                                                                                                               #r8SVJ2T86             Wapiti
level up                                                                                                               #SozX8lOGB             Metasploit
miscellaneous: goblin assistant, cute labrador, cute beagle,
fluffy cat                                                                                                             #Pdysv4jt6                 Nikto
premium pass                                                                                                   #iUSD7TieV               Wireshark
Treasures                                                                                                           #e86Vzibjt                  OpenVAS
Gold                                                                                                                    #z7aGsom0S               IronWASP
speed up                                                                                                            #cfd34fG9f                   SQLNinja
secret combination                                                                                         #SWcShla9g                 Maltego
star chests                                                                                                         #HO6TtPLIV               AirCrack-ng
Gems                                                                                                                  #sjYXAWXUw             Reaver
Miners                                                                                                               #Bob4TkNWt               Nmap
Upgrade                                                                                                            #RlGqqvoEw                SQLMap

Hustle Castle Gift Promo codes

To get the deluxe bundle, use the following latest Hustle Castle Gift promo codes:

  • A8oLJOkqoUWjuF
  •  iDTuzeWkGsNPJL
  •  nZsYjCe74I6qDGl
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Unlockable Achievements

Google Play Achievements are available for this game. To receive the Achievement, you must meet the required prerequisites, as applicable.

Unlockable                                                  How to Unlock to Unlock

Noble Friends I                                          Dismantle any of the 3000 pieces of equipment.
A Dream Castle III                                    Increase the level of your castle to 20.
No More Hole-Ridden Pants! III           Any 15 pieces of equipment must be disassembled.
A Large Kingdom I                                    Increase the population of your castle to ten.
I’m Feeling Lucky! V                                 Open a total of 10,000 chests.
A Large Kingdom V                                   Increase the population of your castle to 55
I’m Feeling Lucky! I                                  50 chests must be opened.
A Warm Welcome III                               In PvP engagements, kill 2000 opponent fighters.
Heirs to the Throne V                              500 children to raise
An Online Castle                                       Connect the game to your Facebook account.
Heirs to the Throne I                               5 children to raise
Daily Adventures III                                250 daily quests must be completed.
Full-Force III                                            In any number of battles, deliver 7500 critical hits.
Dexterous Fighters I                               Play with up to 5 of your Facebook pals
Full-Force I                                               In any number of battles, deliver 250 critical hits.
Dexterous Fighters V                              In any battle, have your fighters evade 50000 strikes.
Dexterous Fighters III                            In any combat, have your Fighters avoid 7500 strikes.
Full-Force V                                              In any number of battles, deliver 50000 critical hits.
Daily Adventures V                                 1000 daily quests must be completed.
Heirs to the Throne III                          Grow a hundred children.
Daily Adventures I                                  Completing 25 daily quests is a must.
I’m a Legend                                            Equip a Fighter with all Legendary equipment.
A Warm Welcome V                               In PvP engagements, kill 10,000 opponent fighters.
I’m Feeling Lucky! III                            2000 chests must be opened.
A Warm Welcome I                                In PvP engagements, kill 50 opponent fighters.
No More Hole-Ridden Pants! I            In any combat, have your Fighters evade 250 attacks.
A Large Kingdom III                              Increase the population of your castle to 30.
No More Hole-Ridden Pants!              V Dismantle any of the 300 pieces of equipment.
A Dream Castle V                                   Raise the level of your castle to 45.

Hustle Castle Tips

1. Don’t forget to construct new rooms and upgrade current ones.
2. When you start renovating the room, all of the occupants’ activity will be paused.
3. When people live in a room that is being developed, the time it takes to build or upgrade it is reduced.
4. Don’t forget to claim your rewards for finished quests.
5. In the living room, have residents produce offspring.
6. Goblin assistance – collects resources for you and completes castle resident training while you are away.
7. Strengthen your dwellers by training the fighter class.

A high level of fighter boosts your chances of winning greatly.

Final Words
If you are looking for the latest hustle castle cheats (redeemers codes) to get free stuff from the games. Then our website is daily updated with new redeemed codes for different games. Keep in touch with us to enjoy free stuff. Thanks!

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