FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod

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FM WhatsApp 2 is the official version. It has many features like the official version of simple WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod provides its users full security. Have many nice features. Its great features attract its user very much. It is also available on the Google play store.

FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod

Download Free Apk File[MOD]v20.41.4

FM WhatsApp 2 Apk

FM WhatsApp 2 Apk is the modified version of FM WhatsApp 2. Many people are aware of FM WhatsApp 2 but they are unaware of the more beneficial and advanced modded version. It is unavailable on the Google play store. It’s better than the official version and loaded with great features which are unavailable in the FM WhatsApp 2. Amazingly, it is developed with improved security, great features, and simple interference. So, its use is easy and more beneficial.

Features Of FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod

Upload Status or Stories

In this app, you can upload your pictures or maybe any informative or entertainment videos to your status, and also you can set privacy for who can watch this. If you want to share your status with all your contact then this feature is also available.

Share or Download Status

You guys can share or download your contract status. You don’t need to install any app to download status. Or you don’t need to ask anybody to share the status. You can download it directly because the app gives you the option to do so.

Anti-Delete Status

No one can delete a status without your permission. Oh yes! If anyone deletes his or her status update before 24 Hira then these stories will not be deleted for you. It will remain for 24 Hira as a deleted story. Deleted stories or statuses will not be deleted for you.

Share Your Live Location

In FM WhatsApp 2 Apk apk download the latest version, and you can share your live location. This feature will help you when you are going somewhere else. Yhan you can tell anybody your live location so that they can help you in reaching your destination.

Share Documents

Share important documents with attachments to anyone and anywhere in the world. You can also use it for business purposes. Share your documents with your colleagues, fellow, and business partners too. The documents will be sent to your required person as it is. It will not be changed a little bit.

Hide View Status

Using this feature, let you watch others’ status without seeing status. Your contacts will not notify you about your seen status.

Choose who Can Call You

Customize this setting so that no one can disturb you. Only your contacts can call you up. No unknown number will disturb you if you are in this setting. For this, you have to go to the calls option. Click on the three dots and set the privacy of the call.

Check Contacts Online Status

Using this exciting feature, you guys can check the history of when your contacts were online and many other activities as well.’

View Message History

Dear guys, you can view your chat history. You can also check whom you are chatting with the most. In fact who is your favorite person? Most of the MBs are spent on which person.

Hide Media From Gallery

This feature will allow you to choose whether you like to store your media (pictures, videos, or gifts) on your device or not. If you of your media visibility then newly download pictures and videos will not be added to your phone’s gallery.

Choose Font Style

With this amazing app, choose font style as per your choice. You are free to choose any style font. Bold or May be of a different color.

Customize Your Chat Screen

Dear readers, customize your chats according to your taste. Choose your picture or the picture if your contact person on the chat. Make your chats customized

Choose Tick Style

In FM WhatsApp 2 Apk 2022, you will be able to choose tick style. You can choose different style ticks. May be of bubble style, circle box, or any other color. Go and choose which kind of rich you want on your chats.

Pop up Notifications

Another fantastic feature of the FM WhatsApp 2 Apk APK is the ability to hide the app’s pop-up notifications from the home screen.

FM WhatsApp 2 Apk is the best among the modified version of official FM WhatsApp. It is loaded with great features. Some of its great features are as below:

Best Messaging App

FM WhatsApp is the best messaging application. You can remain in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world. Time is not fixed to contact your friends, family, and friends. Just open the installed app and start talking.

Make voice calls

You can easily have voice calls with the modified version of FM WhatsApp 2 with very low quality. It will take very low MBS as the app can conduct audio calls at a low rate. It will never interrupt you during the call. The app performs very smoothly during calls.

Make Video Calls

Like voice calls, you can also make Video Calls at a very low rate. Besides it during the voice call, you can convert your call to a video call. The app provides you the option to convert your call to video chat.

Hide Online Status

One of the Amazing features of the app is that you can hide your online status. No worries if you don’t want to show other people that you are online. Just go to settings and choose FM WhatsApp settings select freeze last seen and you have done. Now there is no one who can match whether you are online or offline.

Hide Blue Tick

Amazingly, you can hide Blue ticks. Don’t worry if you want that I am not in the mood that anyone could watch that I have seen the message. Click three dots and select the chat setting. Here is a wide selection of ticks whether you want to show it or not.

Hide Your Favorite Chats

You can hide your chats. It’s a very superb feature of the application. You can hide your chats behind written WhatsApp. To hide chats pinch the chat to be hidden and click the three dots on the top right corner. Select the hide button and set the lock which you want. You can choose pattern, pin, and fingerprint too. Hide and enjoy. You can also unhide chats by again pinching the screen. You have done it’s very simple.

Add 600 Members To A Group

It is a fantastic and incredibly amazing feature of FM WhatsApp 2 that you can add more than 600 members to a group. It allows a large number of people to come and join a group. If you are a businessman then this feature is superb for you. Just install the app and make a large number of groups.

What’s New

• App lock
• Save profile picture
• Improved privacy
• contact online toast
• Add more than 600 people to a group.
• Set your name instead of “WhatsApp”
• Added Instagram-like stories, Enable it from Home Screen -Header.
• Proximity sensor

FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod

Pros and Cons Of The Application

Here are some pros and cons of using FM WhatsApp 2 Apk:


• Freeze Last seen
• Add a pin to chat
• Customize chats
• Set beautiful wallpaper
• Best for audio, and video calls.
• Disable forwarded tag.
• Set Your Picture on the home screen

FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod


• This app is a third-party app. Hackers may hack your data or your account may be blocked by original WhatsApp.
• It is not so safe app. The developer can watch your send and receive messages.
• You are not so private using the app.



1. Select Security under Settings on your phone.
2. After that, select Unknown Sources from the menu.
3. Upon selecting that choice, a new page will load in front of you.
4. The installation of any third-party application will be requested; accept it.

Note: On devices running Android versions higher than 8.0 Oreo, this is not necessary.

How To Install FM WhatsApp 2 Apk On your Android Device

follow these steps to have FM WhatsApp 2 Apk download on your Android device. It’s very simple and completely free to install the app
Step 1: Launch your device’s file manager and go to the location where FMWhatsApp 2 APK is stored.
Step 2: Next, click the APK file and select INSTALL. Give permissions for storage, contacts reading, and SMS if you are using Android Oreo or higher.
Step 3: After the installation is finished. Log in with your phone number, then confirm it using the OTP that they send to you.
Step4: Now open and enjoy your newly download FM WhatsApp 2 Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

GB WhatsApp or FM, which is best?
When comparing FM WhatsApp with GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is far more customizable than FM WhatsApp. The chat bubbles, the double tick, and the in-app fonts can all be customized.

How can I block WhatsApp last viewed on FM?

Quickly you open WhatsApp on your FM. Navigate to the FM WhatsApp Setting. Navigate to the Privacy and Security Menu. On the Freeze Last Seen setting
What should I do to update FM WhatsApp 2?

Follow these steps

• APK file should be opened. In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap Install.
• Install the updated version now.
• Open the most recent version of FMWhatsApp.
• To access the options, click the dots.
• Obtain Fouad Mods.
• Navigate to Updates.
• the Check For Updates button

What is the issue with FM WhatsApp?

A security company recently warned users to remove FMWhatsApp right away to avoid getting their accounts banned by WhatsApp because it infects phones with malware.

How can I access an.apk file?
Simply open your browser, navigate to the APK file you want to download and tap it. Your device’s top bar should then show the download progress. When prompted, tap Yes after opening Downloads and tapping the APK file. Your device will start installing the app.


Hope the article will helpful for you. FM WhatsApp 2 Apk Mod direct link is given on this page. Click on the link and fulfill the requirements to have the modded version installed on your device. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will love to help you. Thanks!

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