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A re you getting bored? Let’s add thrill to your life with an amazing android application “Cut the Rope 2 Mod Apk. Meet Om Nom Nom- a cute green creature who loves sweets and his friends – the Nommies. They will take you on an incredible journey through more than 160 thrilling levels that will take you through lavish forests, junkyards, lively cities, and concealed tunnels. All of them are in search of their yummy goal – CANDY!

Technical Information:

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This time Cut the Rope 2 Mod Apk is with new features and exciting gameplay concepts, characters, and tricky objectives. Collecting candies has never been so much fun! Cut the Rope 2 HTML5 adds new challenges and surprises to the sugar-crushing experience. Are you looking forward to your next adventures? Then Om Nom is in desperate need of your assistance. He has stolen all of his goodies and is now really hungry. Help him to confiscate different levels of thieves and complete all the challenges. Go through different adventurous levels, and you’re your friends. 

Exciting Features Of Cut The Rope 2 Mod Apk

Customize Your Your Hero 

Whatever your style, Cut the Rope 2 provides a fun customization option. Our green hero is no exception. You can choose from a whole closet of hats to look elegant while you hunt those high scores on the forest path. These hats even add energy extras!

Face New Challenges: 

There are lots of thrilling challenges that are what you would love in this updated version. If you can explore enough levels, you would even be lucky enough to stagger upon a treasure chest. That is the time when it gets really crazy! 

Helpful Allies and Explosive Power-Ups 

You will have to pop balloons or maybe snip the ropes attached to them, navigate fluctuating platforms, and roll lumbering logs out of your way to get to Om Nom! This adds a whole new level of exertion and fun to the updated version of the game. Maybe you’ll even have to take Om Nom to the candy! How can you do that? That is challenging. 


Tired of the mental game. Cut the Rope Apk improve your problem-solving skills by grasping complex levels based on real-life physics.

Realistic Physics

 Realistic physics featured game, all actions done with the help of a rope as if they were in the real world. Everything that is happening, is not even trying to resemble reality, but the presence of the customary physical laws makes the puzzle more fascinating and opens up a wide enough variety of elucidations. Each player can find their own way to accomplish the anticipated effect. Don’t keep om nom hungry for a long time. Remember it’s time to cut the rope.

Unlimited Puzzle to Crack

 Another exciting feature is that it offers a number of mind-blowing puzzles to crack. It will boost up your imagination skill. It is geared towards creativity and impossible ideas.

Free Coins and Stars

 Cut the Rope lets you earn free coins that will help you in your adventurous journey. You can use it for Om Nom to accumulate the candies and complete the corresponding task. 

Cut The Rope 2 Mod Apk


New Characters

A variety of fascinating characters are presented in this mod version that adds thrill to your voyage at different levels. 

Graphics and Themes

The game has attractive graphics and simple controls that do not cause awkwardness. The fresh themes of the app make your adventure thrilling and exciting.

Background Music

The sweet rhythm of the music makes you feel calm and thought-provoking

The journey of a thousand miles

 The levels in the Game will progressively become more challenging. The candies are organized in a more dangerous position as the level increases it appears with some obstacles. Although they play a reflexive role, they will act on the candy, stopping the candy from moving towards Om Nom. At that time, using helping allies are very helpful. But you should not overdo it, as you will lose the fun of the puzzle game.

Choose the challenge you want

 Cut the Rope 2 is different from other puzzle games. Before ingoing the puzzle, you may choose one of the three challenges of the game, such as collecting three stars, not collecting stars, or maybe collecting fruit depending on the difficulty. Play with limited time. After completing one of those challenges, you can unlock the next level. However, there are some levels at which you are required to perform more than one challenge to get the medal. This will add to an increase in performance points at that level. Let’s have a great experience. 

Gameplay Mechanism OF Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK 

A cartoon puzzle game,  developed by ZeptoLab studio that develops the ideas as well as gameplay mechanism of the original fragment of the series and greatly increases the complication. The gameplay has become more piercing, and the traps and obstacles have amplified. Blunders promptly lead to the appearance of the Game over the splash screen. In this advanced version, the narrative has also changed. The story is recapped using animated screensavers, and pop-up messages and affects the fortune of both the main character and minor characters as well who appear on the way. Watching the plot every time is interesting. There is an enticement to develop more skills.

You can get the official version of Cut the Rope 2 from Google PlayStore.

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