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All cheats for Dude Theft Wars for the year 2022, with all updates

In dude theft warfare, can we gain endless money by robbing the bank? No, because stealing a bank is impossible, however, you can use the Cashcash999999 cheat code to get unlimitted money without robbing a bank. Here we have All Cheats for Dude Theft Wars.


Cheat Codes for Dude Theft Wars


Dude stealing wars is an open-world RPG game similar to GTA, except the graphics are cartoonish, therefore people in India refer to it as Sasti GTA 5, which translates to “cheap GTA V for Android.” Pixel Studios is the studio behind this game. Essentially, the game is an open world in which you can do whatever you like, with the added bonus of cheat codes. Dude Theft Wars, like GTA games, offers some great cheats and hacks.

Cheats for Dude Theft Wars

• Crowd99
• Dudebolt
• Cashcash9
• Night
• Day
• Evening
• pahotslap
• Popoplz
• No forever

Dude Kong

What is the most famous cheat code?

The Konami Code

The Konami Code is arguably the most renowned cheat code in history. Its infamy arises from the fact that this code was  included in over 100 of the Japanese developer’s games.  It would unlock an entirely new feature for each game it was included in.


• Giantduplicates

This Cheat will assist you in becoming a Giant. Antdude is number three. Cheating will shrink you to the size of an ant.

• Heytaxi is number four

This cheat will bring an automobile to your location.

• Nosforever

This, like using a booster, will increase the speed of your car.

• Popoplz
• Suppahotslap

You can use this cheat to fire your hand and kill anybody in your vicinity

• Cashcash999999Lllashcash

You may gain unlimited money in Dude Theft Wars by using this Cheat Code.

• Carboom

With the use of this cheat, you can blow up nearby cars.

• Gravity on the Moon

This cheat code allows you to fly in the absence of gravity.

Guidance For Beginners

The game starts in a house, and the character you’re playing, in the beginning, is JACK, whose main task is to rescue Richie from prison. As you may know, different characters have different weapons in their hands, such as Jack’s baseball bat versus Richie’s guitar. The best thing is that after you’re out of the house, you’ll see Grove Street, just like in Grand Theft Auto Game. Moreover, in the case of Dude Theft Wars, the third character has yet to be released. To free Richie from prison, you must complete various missions/tasks, and while the task appears to be simple, it is not. I’m sharing my experience and data from my YouTube channel.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Dude Theft Wars 2022

First Step

Click on the Phone icon on the left side of the game.

Second Step

When you click on Phone, you’ll be presented with options similar to those seen on a phone, including an app called Cheats.exe. Select it by clicking on it.

3rd Step

You’ll discover a spot to enter your cheat codes, so enter the Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes New 2020 as requested and watch the magic happen.

Frequently Asked Question About Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk

Is there a way to get endless money with a cheat code?
In narrative mode, there is no GTA 5 money cheat. While there are numerous GTA 5 cheat codes for vehicles, guns, invincibility, and other features, there is no code for unlimited money.
In Dude Theft Wars, how do you get the third character?
Ascend to the building’s roof and throw a grenade at the large bomb constructed there. After that, tossa dancing bomb towards the man in the corner. In front of him, a red sign will appear. Take a picture with this man by moving to this sign.
Is it possible to utilize cheat codes in GTA Online?
Please note that any single-player GTA 5 cheat codes have been blocked.
Final Words
“Dude Theft Wars,” a game akin to “Grand Theft Auto,” is one of the most popular Android apps. There are various cheat codes in this game that might assist gamers in completing specific tasks quickly. Above you will find a list of all cheat codes. The list of Dude theft wars cheat codes can be found here. Dude Theft Wars MOD APK may be downloaded from the link given on the website.

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