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Adventure communist Mod APK is the modified version and it is from hyper hippo games. It is from one of the top leading idle games. The main goal of the game is to build up. This is one of the superb idle games which means that the majority of gameplay runs in the background in most of your life you can also login to the phone and be free to make a few changes. Speed up production and make your progress maximum.

Adventure Communist Mod Apk 2022

 The previous version of adventure capitalist was designed to emulate the progress of the capitalist empire. It makes sense in only the way that it contains equivalent experience for the growing world of communism. One of the wonderful advantages of the game is that it can be downloaded both on PC and Android mobile. It is full of fun and works superbly due to its idle game mechanism. It is designed in a very well way that it keeps running in the background if your phone is on you can come back to check your progress.

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Features of Adventure Communist Mod Apk

 Idle Gameplay

The gameplay is also known as a clicker game, tap game, or click game. It is among those video games whose gameplay is simple and consists of players’ simple actions. In this game, you just have to tap the screen repeatedly.

 Missions Of Adventure Communist Mod Apk

 Like other games, this game also contains some missions for its players. Missions are task switches are given to the players. After completing these missions the players are rewarded with silver coins or gold coins and some special gifts. In this game, when you complete the mission you are rewarded with the capsule. Which will be a stone capsule or wood capsule. And after completing a maximum number of missions you will be ranked up. You will be rewarded with a silver capsule. Often the rewards from the mission are science or gold. Such types of missions can be traded, collect cards, unlock industry, collect resources, promote researchers, and also expand science.

 Variety Of Ranks

 There are a variety of ranks in it. But you can’t open any of the ranks without completing its limitations. First of all complete a specific number of missions, almost three then your rank increases by one.

 Add New Members To Your Industry

 After growing your business you can also add new members to your industry which will help you to manage your responsibilities and also expand your business. As the number of your progress increases it will attract the attention of new members so they will want to work with you. 

They will help you to manage resources and also they’ll keep an eye on the material which is beneficial to you when you are not on the game. If you choose the right member to help you out then it will extremely beneficial to you in adventure communism. With this outstanding feature of the game, you can also make your industry groom.

 Science is also beneficial and important to improve the success of your communist industry. It will boost up the production of your farm and you don’t have to press so many buttons. You can easily play without typing many times.

Hire New Workers

As it is an idle game so it needs to touch or click the screen repeatedly. If you feel you are tired and you also want to dig and collect more potatoes to win gold. What will you do now? So, the developers have resolved this issue. There are options for comrades. You can hire new workers for your convenience and pay them with potatoes. They will work for you. First of all, you have to buy these workers. After buying assign them to work and pay them. Now, you can have resources automatically!


 This is one of the most crucial features. It is here with an updated version of 3.0. As you rank up your missions become more intense. Ranking will not increase the production of the country so you have to promote researchers. There is a total of 96 types of research in this game but you can unlock only 93 of them. The remaining 3 will unlock when your rank is up to 115.5 researchers out of 96 can only obtain from. To unlock new researchers’ complete missions

Adventure Communist Mod APK Latest Version


 your drops are also are a type of gift for the players. It usually does not appear in the game it appears in periodic occurrences. It comes from one side of the screen in the form of an aircraft boat, or airplane the player has to tap on it to get the rewards of science Comrades and resources.


As mentioned above capsules are rewards given to the players after successfully completing some special missions. You can also get these capsules as mission rewards, shop purchase 


 Trade is considered very essential for increasing the production and repetition of your industry. To construct resources comrades need trade. 

Comrades are crucial for reaching higher levels of industries and building tier resources. There are a total of 5 number industries so to reach a higher level there is a total of 5 trades. Do successive trades in a similar industry and get more base resources.

A Number Of Exciting Events

 Adventure communism contains many exciting events. The user has a chance to win from these events there is a total 11 number of events in this game namely,

  1. Space fore.                               7.   Potato export
  2. Communist crusade.                8.   Ninja union
  3.  Anew Atlantis.                         9.   Comrade cowboys 
  4. Winter motherland.                10.  Shield up
  5. Supreme Santa.                      11.  Space force
  6.  Power underwhelming

What’s New

  • Develop potato empire
  • Industrial upgrade 
  • Add new members to your industry
  • Expand your business beyond borders
  • Collect more potatoes and buy farmers
  • See the latest propaganda
  • Dig potatoes for Glory
  • Rally more comrades 
  • Idle clicky fun
  • Climb up to rank 125
  • Exclusive rewards from weekly events
  • More potatoes more fun
  • Rank up and dominate
  • Discover new researches
  • Expand your collection 
  • Be the best at everything
  • Idle games play

Gameplay Mechanism

This game is developed by a hyper hippo. The gameplay mechanism is so simple and what you do is just click on the screen repeatedly to increase potato production The gameplay is not different from the previous version of adventure capitalist the only important thing to continue the game is to increase the production of potatoes and manage your resources. These resources are of many types for instance weapons, ore, land, potatoes & medicines. To enjoy any of these resources click until the upgrade bar is filled. This game is wonderful for those who love to do business and wants to become billion. Increase potato production and win more gold. Let’s have a look at the stunning features of this application.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I spend won gold?

 If you want To spend your gold in the right way then go to the shop and purchase silver or gold capsules the periodic supreme capsule is of 750 gold coins. If you invest in events coins carefully then you will also give a bonus 40%More supreme gold coins.

 What can I get after events? 

As mentioned above, after winning each event rank you will be rewarded with special gifts. The upcoming event will not save your earned resources.

 For leveling up do I have to complete missions?

 Yes, for leveling up you have to complete missions, almost three. Then you’re level and rank will be high there are some arguments about it. some people believe that there is no advantage of leveling up or being at a high rank and a few believe that it is useful to rank up. 

How to install apk file?

 it is very easy to install the adventure communist mode apk on your Android mobile phone. Amazingly, it can be downloaded on both PC and android phones.

 You can easily install adventure communist more Topeka from the Google play store or palm store. Go to Google play store, type adventure communist mod apk in the search bar the original game will be located at the top. Open the game, click on the install button, and after a few seconds the game will be ready to play.

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Final Words
Now I would like to sum up my discussion. Superb clicker game developed by a hyper hippo. You can download this game from this website for free. If you face any problems in playing the game then comment below in the comment section. We would love to solve your queries. Now, Click on the download button and enjoy the game.

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